If you are spectacle wearer, don’t you need to keep the same confort?
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At ODC, sports optical specialist, we can adapt your RX prescription on every goggles models in a very short time. If you still get your own goggle, we can supply you only the RX support. We can deliver all over the world. If you need some advices or specific price, conatct us at contact@odc-optciens.com

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When you are skiing, you are faced with a lot of inconvenience like wind, speed, sunlight, fall….for all this reason it’s all the more important to have a large fiel of view.

A spectacle wearer can’t imagine  driving or cycling without is prescription, so why do diferement in skiing?

Look at the folowing pictures to supporting my comments.

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0.75 Myopia
Goggle with RX
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Why would you adapt your goggles ?
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-Oakley : the world market leader. Always on first ground with a trendy style. Double screen on every model. The last technology Prizm offer a amazing contrasts improvement, and are available in many colors for each weather.


-Uvex :  the competion reference, use by a lot of FIS athlets. Lenses with exceptional optical quality and high safety. German quality.


-Julbo : the french firm offer a very large lenses panel. They photochromatic Zebra and Cameleon (polarized)  are perfect for changing condition, as comfortable in the fog as in the sun.


-Zeal : a concentrate of high technology. Goggle with HD camera and incorporate screen or with GPS and Bluetooth to associate with your smartphone.


-Cébé : products and technology nearly from Julbo.